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Looking Ahead to Gen Z

While Gen Y often garners attention from marketers and the media, there is a small but powerful segment right behind the millennials, and they’re quietly gaining speed: Gen Z. Loosely defined as those born in the mid to late 1990s, they think and act...
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Twitter and #GenY

Twitter’s most recent research infographics included some great insights about how Gen Y is using the social media site – how they’re logging in, how often they’re doing it, and what they’re sharing. Unsurprisingly, most millennials are logging...
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First Comes Love…Then What?

Millennials are doing things a little differently than generations before. In the days of Gen X, a person typically got married and bought a house while still in their 20s. These days, many 20-somethings are still living at home, and fewer of them than...
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