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The Sentimental Millennial

Clinton is running for President, Pokémon is back, and our closets are stuffed with high waist pants and crop tops. What decade are we in? As the 90’s seem to creep back into our lives and our closets (does anyone else have an abundance of plaid shirts?!),...
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Office Etiquette 101

Every office has its own lifestyle and day-to-day flow. Whether it’s floods of employees commencing office chatter at 8 AM or more of a scattered progression to every chair being filled by lunch. Some offices are full of structure and follow a totem-poll...
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Class of 2016

Congratulations graduating class of 2016, you’re officially required to adult! It can be surreal how time passes; one minute you’re writing a final paper and being counted down on an exam clock, the next you’re sitting in your parents’ basement,...
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