What is POME?
Millennial & Gen-Z
annual study
across North America
Additional Research Services

Consumer Insights

Uncovering key insights, lifestyle habits and usage scenarios through formal and informal processes to help shape brand strategy.

Focus Groups

Hosted in live or online settings, professionally moderated sessions give brands an opportunity to be a fly on the wall in their consumers psyche.

KPI Tracking

Measure pre/post campaign performance and monitor brand awareness, preference, product usage and attitude shifts over time.

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Concept Testing

Ensuring campaigns land as intended with control groups to pre-test concepts and provide actionable feedback to recalibrate pre-launch.

Online Surveys

An efficient way to gather data of national statistical significance, leverage online panels for market trends and annual brand health studies.


Participate in POME and get the core insights you need with limited resource investment by sponsoring the annual millennial study.