Innovative Online/Offline Tech Activation

Twitter Powered Vending Machines

Post-it Brand wanted to break through the clutter and demonstrate how a psychical product could be shared socially. Taking the product from offline to online, this campaign set out to satisfy students’ need to be “connected” and celebrate the micro-moments which matter most this demographic. The Post-it™ Tweet Machine Tour provided the brand with large scale impressions, brand pertinence, and demand generation.

On university and college campuses, Intercept Group placed vending machines that required a Tweet as currency were placed within the Student Centre during the busiest time of the academic year, orientation week.  The machine wrap and screen creative was carefully designed to increase participation through visual appeal and to instruct participants on how to use the machine. Upon tweeting how students personally used the product with a campus specific hashtag, the Tweet Machine dispensed a sample pack of Post-it™ Notes. On-site ambassadors encouraged participation and provided samples to students who were not on Twitter.

Once the sample was in hand, students “posted” their Post-it™ Note to the live wall next to the machine which tapped into millennial focused topics including “Yours Truly”, “O.M.G” and “Trending”. Participating students also received coupons worth $2 off any Post-it™ products worth $10 redeemable at participating campus bookstores and other key retailers.

Offline, the live wall full of Post-it™ Notes created a sense of community and campus pride.  Students also enjoyed the free sample which many planned on using during their first week of classes. The machine and live wall kept the Post-it™ Notes Brand top of mind on campus, while students’ Tweets echoed online, increasing brand awareness and driving social engagement.

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