How do we Start the Conversation (with Millennials)?

Millennials are taking over the business world and the workplace has never seen anything like them. They are so well versed with technology and have the keenest ability to multitask. As millennials in the workplace grow, so will their spending habits – so how do we cash in on this capital and advertise to this group? Millennials like the self-checkout at the grocery store, online shopping vs. visiting the mall, and they like to keep conversations digital. So, the question naturally arises; how do we (as marketers) start the conversation?

Here are a few tips.

Be Creative

At the end of the day, millennials are the driving force of our economy. Their passion, creativity and outstanding work ethic has yielded tons of success personally and in the business world. We must speak the language of creativity and passion. Even if you think the idea is crazy, it just might be just right for millennials. Millennials think outside the box and look to always be different. As marketers, we still need to find out the best concrete way to communicate with millennials. Maybe there is no concrete system, but we must try new and exciting things with this group.

Make Lemonade

No matter what marketing technique or outlet you think fits, best practice should simply be to start the conversation, period. We must use millennials as somewhat of a ‘model’ for the generations that follow. Squeeze all the juice out of millennials that you possibly can, the magic they come up with is genuinely endless! The best way to get the most out of millennials is by getting them to take action and be involved in conversation.

Look to the Future

Millennials are extremely focused on causes and protecting future generations. Start the conversation to empower future generations of marketing professionals. Let’s gear up for Generation Z! Gathering as much information as possible from millennials is essential for current and future success. As we begin to understand the millennial thought process we can gear better efforts toward marketing to them. As for future success, our work now will serve as a stepping stone. The future is bright, but Generation Z promises to be even more difficult in terms of marketing than millennials. Best of luck to the next generation of marketers!