Top 5 Food Trends For 2017

As hard as it may seem to believe, we are already half way through the new year, 2017 is quite literally flying by and the year’s hottest food trends are popping up just as quickly. As we all know, 2016 was the year of Gluten-Free-Everything and it looks like that trend is one that will be sticking around, however 2017 seems to be the year of all kinds of new and exciting food trends and products. We’ve gone ahead and compiled some of the hottest food trends so that you can try out some of this year’s must-haves, before it’s too late.

Edible Cookie Dough

We all know that it is nearly impossible to cook a batch of cookies without sneaking a taste or two of raw cookie dough … but we also know the stomach-ache that results when you’ve accidentally had one-too-many bites. Someone has FINALLY created an ‘edible cookie dough’ recipe and it has spread like crazy. This egg-less, gluten-free recipe is all the range and brands are jumping on the trend as quickly as they can, check out the Cookie Dough Café here.

Sleep Focused Food & Drinks

It’s no secret that most of us could benefit from a little more sleep at night and while we should be getting those doctor-recommended eight hours, instead we’re up browsing Instagram and LinkedIn. With an increasing number of studies suggesting that weight-gain is linked to lack of sleep, brands have noticed a gap in the market for food products designated for night-time consumption. Sleep Protein for instance, is a plant-based protein powder designed by Healthy Skoop and marketed as being guaranteed to help you sleep. If you need to catch a few extra hours of sleep than products like these are bound to find their way into your shopping cart.

Alternative Pastas

For those of you already familiar with gluten-free pasta options, this may not seem like news to you – but for the rest of us carb-loving pasta fiends, 2017 may be the year you say goodbye to traditional spaghetti and hello to zucchini noodles! Alternative pasta options such as spaghetti squash, lentil based lasagna or quinoa noodles have been all over Pinterest and with the increase in the number of ‘gluten-conscious’ consumers, these innovative pasta choices are likely to lead in food trends this year. Ancient Harvest is a leader in alternative pasta options and can be found here.

Vegetable Chips

Vegetable chips are not just a healthy alternative to the traditional potato chip, they are also a creative way to reduce and repurpose food waste. In a recent article, found here Liz Moskow, culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group states that vegetable chips are “driven by millennials’ desire to make the earth a better place.” As millennials are continuously trying to find ways “to repurpose and use things that would ordinarily be discarded.” These alternative chip options are produced using the stalks, skins and/or peels of various vegetables and are sure to be all over grocery stores shelves in the coming year.

Hemp Everything (Oil, Seeds, etc.)

For years, researchers have spoken out with regards to the numerous benefits of incorporating hemp into your everyday diet and 2017 is likely to be the year that this health trend finally catches on amongst otherwise traditional consumers. Hemp is known for its plentiful health benefits, including; weight control, hair, skin and nails, boosting the immune system and contributing to a healthy heart. Hemp oil specifically is a great alternative for olive oil in salads, and can be added to a morning smoothie for a quick boost. Hemp seeds can also be added in to your favorite snacks and breakfast options and can be found at any health food grocer or online at Manitoba Harvest, one of the leading providers in Hemp food products.