HTC "Power to Give" Empowers Gen-Y to Make a Difference

2 mins to read

htc-power-to-giveGeneration-Y is eager to make a difference in this world. And, they feel businesses have the responsibility of leading this charge. HTC Power to Give is a fantastic cause-based campaign that has ignited passion amongst Gen-Y consumers. The key here is its simplicity. All you have to do is plug in your HTC over-night – that’s it – and your phone provides computing support to global research projects. HTC Power to Give The campaign is “fantastic” for a number of reasons: 1) Dual Acquisition & Retention Strategy. These days, devices have become a commodity; Tier 1 devices offer very similar capabilities. As many consumers are “on the fence” with device selection, campaigns such as Power to Give may offer the slight nudge required to make the sale. For existing HTC customers, this campaign reinforces why they are an HTC customer; driving brand loyalty and advocacy. 2) Being Part of a Larger Community. The campaign is highly social in nature, and connects consumers in a meaningful way. Consumers feel part of something bigger, which is directly creating positive change on a global scale. This global scope offers a powerful platform for social & PR amplification. 3) Simple, simple, simple. The campaign doesn’t ask consumers to do anything “extra”. The campaign plugs into an existing established pattern; plugging in your phone before you go to sleep. Too often, marketers don’t think about what they are asking from consumers; if the call to action is too difficult, you’re setting yourself/your client up for failure. This is simplicity at its finest. 4) Instant Gratification. After each charge, consumers can easily see what they accomplished. The instant reward introduces a Gamification element, which is integral to sustained participation. Kudos to the HTC Team on this one!