Adidas' Steve Smith 50th Anniversay Celebration

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Intercept Group AdidasIn celebration of its Steve Smith Line’s 50th anniversary, Adidas created a travelling shoe box exhibit which invited consumers to customize their own pair of Steve Smith’s and buy it on the spot. Through the lens of Gen-Y engagement, this campaign demonstrates a few key best practices which we wanted to highlight:
Unique brand experiences. Gen-Y consumers are highly desensitized to traditional media. They aren’t surprised by advertising; they’ve grown up with it. These savvy consumers are downloading ad block plug-ins for their browsers, listening to ad-free radio, watching ad-free TV online. Gen-Y’ers continually rank live experiences ahead of all other “marketing mediums”. Why? Live experiences inherently serve up instant value – from free samples, to cool experiences, to unique creation opportunities.
Pushing XM beyond engagement to sales. XM is a highly effective consumer engagement strategy. However, many brands don’t push beyond engagement; and fail to define the path to purchase. Adidas converted their show box exhibit into a pop up retail execution. While I’m sure Adidas didn’t sell thousands on-tour, they were still able to directly attribute sales to their live event which offers insight into potential halo sales generated as a by-product.
Creation. More than any other generation, Gen-Y’ers are passion about creation; both independent and collaborative creation. By allowing consumers to utilize “the shoe” as the canvas, Adidas has celebrated this insight beautifully. Where Adidas fell short was amplifying this experience. These creations could have been prime for consumer voting to select one or a few designs for a limited SKU available online or at a partner retailer.