Macy’s Launches “The Next Style Star” to Reach Millennial Audience

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macys nyc store intercept groupThis 10 episode series is part of Macy’s strategy to engage Millennial shoppers. The show is intended to highlight Macy’s exclusive lines, as they invite 16 young stylists to compete in a timed challenge to create various ‘looks’ from signature pieces.
Contestants are competing for $10,000, and a chance to help direct an upcoming shoot which will be featured within their New York City flagship store. This campaign has the right fundamentals to become a hit; now, it’s all about execution and an effective amplification strategy. A few fundamentals to highlight:
Millennials as the heros. The contestants themselves are Millennial consumers, which celebrates the generation. With the emergence of ‘YouTube Celebrities’ and ‘Online Sensations’, fame has never been more appealing and attainable in the eyes of Millennials.
Defined path to purchase. With the payoff itself driving back to their flagship NYC store, there’s direct benefit on a number of fronts – consumer acquisition, consumer retention, consumer insights, and of course sales.
Engaging influencers to reach the masses. First off, there’s no doubt that online clout was one of Macy’s contestant selection criteria. Further, contestants are invested in the show’s performance (i.e. viewers). Everyone benefits by driving more awareness of “The Next Style Star”.
The concept itself has a lot of legs; it’s just how far Macy’s will take it.