Alcohol Wars: Battling for the ‘Millennial Drinker’

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Jager Bonds Intercept groupOne of the largest, and most competitive industries, is Alcohol. As beer, wine and spirit brands strive to stay top of mind, they’re constantly pushing the envelope with engaging the core consumer: Gen-Y / Millennials. We’ve profiled a few of the latest strategies from the most active brands:
Jagermeister’s JagerBonds
Jagermeister recently launched their first mobile app, which invites users to celebrate ‘good times’. Consumers connect the app to their Instagram and Facebook accounts and invite friends to join “Bonds” through unique codes. “As you go through the night taking pictures and posting to different feeds like Facebook and Instagram, it scrapes in the back and aggregates them into an awesome [30-second] music video,” says Adam Rosen, executive vice president of marketing for Jagermeister. The app also includes songs from artists like Fall Out Boy, Eli Young Band, and Paul Oakenfold.
MillerCoors Takes Deep Dive into Digital
MillerCoors is maintaining its focus on ‘the conversation between friends’. Leveraging music as a passion point, they plan to produce original content involving artist interviews, behind the scene footage, tours of hometowns, etc., and publish to their social channels. They’re investing big in content creation.
Corona Paint Party
Corona’s focus seems to be marrying live + digital to create buzz-worthy content. Last summer, they created Canada’s largest paint party at Yonge-Dundas square using 208 gallons of paint. 1,000 participants were transformed into abstract works of art, generating close to a million views across a number of pre-planned and organic online videos.
The core theme is amplification. Brands are looking to convert one-to-one experiences into one-to-many. So, who’s going to come out on top? The brand which marries their experiential and digital strategies the best to create sticky content. One of the most effective ways to generate raw, relevant and riveting content is experiential marketing. Corona’s Paint Party was a prime example.