The Continued Rise of Youth Experiential Marketing

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We live in a digital era; however, there’s a fundamental shift to live experiences taking place. Youth and millennial consumers continue to rank “experiential” as their preferred form of advertising. Why? Brand experiences provide instant value/gratification to the consumer.
hands reaching out
70% of Millennials say experiential marketing is extremely or very influential on their opinion of a brand or product.

  • 65% reported participating in an event would cause them to act more quickly to purchase a product.
  • 76% say that participating in an event would make them more receptive to the brand or product’s advertising.

PunchTab surveyed 1,200 Millennials in the US to discover the key purchase drivers for fashion brands in particular. Face-to-face contact with other people was the most effective source of influence; more effective than blogs, online advertising or social media. Brands who are winning the ‘youth consumer’ are those that create meaningful and relevant branded experiences.