Millennials Driving the 'Foodie' Audience on YouTube

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Intercept Group_Millennial Foodie
A recent report from Google (with Millward Brown Digital and Firefly) asserts that YouTube users in the 18-34 demographic consume 30% more food videos on the online network than any other age group, helping drive a 59% increase in food and recipe related uploads as well as a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions and 118% increase in social engagement on this type of content (comments, likes, shares). Additionally, the report states, “75 percent of the growth in YouTube food viewership comes from mobile devices.” In short: millennials are hungry, and they like their content on the go.
So how do brands leverage this information to create sales?
Many are now advertising alongside existing food content on YouTube, aligning their strategy with organic, shareable, potentially viral content with a built-in base of subscribers. This can lead to huge success reaching millennials and beyond – according to the same report, 78% of click-thrus from YouTube to brand sites are by first time customers. So, maybe you google ‘BBQ’ and end up on YouTube watching how-to videos and then, remembering your lack of professional backyard smoker or charcoal pit, you end up at the BBQ restaurant advertised alongside the video. Craving satisfied, it’s a win for the consumer…and the brand.
Popular food channel ‘Epic Meal Time’, a Canadian enterprise spawned in Montreal in 2010, features extreme, bacon and whiskey laden, high calorie meals. While they’ve gone from virtual unknowns to online sensations, Epic Meal Time videos are hardly a traditional advertising space – and yet, their YouTube page is currently covered in President’s Choice Ads. It makes sense – the guy who wants to know how to make ‘Fast Food Pizza Cake’ needs to get the ingredients somewhere, right? It’s a perfect marriage of shareable content and strategic marketing that has led to huge returns for both YouTube and advertisers. Some might even call that a recipe for success.