There's More to Millennials Than You May Think

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Young Man GesturingWhile Gen Y has a reputation for being self-absorbed, lazy, and prone to living with their parents until the end of time, it’s not all true. Recent studies have shown that millennials are an incredibly generous, socially and politically engaged generation that cares about a variety of causes. Over 80% of millennials donate their time or money to non-profit organizations, and this age group commonly follows news events related to positive social change. At least 70% of millennials claim to have educated their friends about an issue they deem socially important, and they are highly supportive of legislation for same sex marriage and other human rights.
Millennials are passionate, vocal, informed and involved – and to get their business, your brand needs to be the same. When millennials get wind that a company operates in a way that conflicts with their own morals and values (for example, tolerating or encouraging racism or homophobia), millennials boycott. And when a company reflects the values Gen Y holds dear? They earn trust and gain loyal consumers. It’s up to brands to tie in to issues in a positive way, connecting with millennials by being socially progressive. It’s a winning move that reflects the altruistic side of Gen Y – a much more pleasant image than the basement-dweller stereotype we so often see.