Gen Y Grows Up: Reaching the Millennial Mom

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Intercept Group_Millennial MomIn talking about millennials, we often reference the high school and post-secondary students that make up a large percentage of the generation.
While it’s true that Gen Y is young and made up largely of students, it’s important to remember another critically influential segment of millennials – the millennial parent. More specifically, it’s the millennial mom who shouldn’t be ignored. Digiday recently reported that millennial moms in the United States have a spending power of over $2 billion, and that there are more than two billion millennial mothers worldwide – that’s over $1.3 trillion dollars in spending power, and the numbers are climbing rapidly.

Gen Y moms are connecting online more than ever, and are the most technologically savvy group of parents in history. They love to share their children’s milestones, research products, discuss parenting styles and share their joys and frustrations. Approximately 60% of millennial moms use social media every day, primarily Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay, according to Digiday. These moms are collaborative, seek information from other parents and engage in online discussions with both brands and their peers. So how do you break through to the millennial mom? First, you listen to what they want – they’re telling you, so take note. Secondly, meet their needs – they want the best for their families, and are asking around for recommendations before getting our their wallets. And finally, speak their language. Those quirky cartoons and parenting memes you see all over Facebook? They are being shared for a reason – make your brand connect with mom, and you’re in.