Twitter and #GenY

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Twitter Intercept Group
Twitter’s most recent research infographics included some great insights about how Gen Y is using the social media site – how they’re logging in, how often they’re doing it, and what they’re sharing.
Unsurprisingly, most millennials are logging in from their mobile devices. In fact, 80% of them use Twitter on their smartphone or tablet, and 60% of millennial users are tweeting once per day or more. A huge 81% of millennial Twitter users check the site daily, and 15% of them log in upwards of ten times per day. So what are millennials tweeting about?

The most common answer was random thoughts, followed by fun activities, current events, jokes and humour, and photos. Nearly half of users said that Twitter is something they use to alleviate boredom, and 71% felt that tweeting about an event made it a more fun experience. Gen Y frequently uses hashtags with tweets to communicate and share reactions during televised events, turning everything from sporting events to awards shows into an interactive experience.
If you’re marketing to millennials on social media, the key is to entertain them. Gen Y loves to share, so engage them with fun, interactive posts that include memes, encourage conversation and bring on the laughter. An unexpected, funny tweet from a corporate Twitter account can get thousands of retweets, so favour humour over plain facts and see what happens – just don’t forget the #hashtags.