Want to Win With Gen Y? Hire Them (And Make Them Happy)

2 mins to read

Portrait of young businessman in front of whiteboardMillennials have been behind some of the biggest viral campaigns and marketing successes of the past decade – after all, Gen Y knows what Gen Y likes. This is a generation that places incredible value on peer reviews and word of mouth, and is wary of traditional branding. They’re creative, innovative and constantly communicating online, so it should surprise no one that millennials are key to the viral content and branding that connects with consumers today. So if the road to success is paved by millennials, what do you do? Hire them, make them happy, and enjoy the rewards.

As companies take note of the positive impact that Gen Y employees can have in their marketing and advertising efforts, they are making changes to company culture in order to attract and retain them. Google is often used as an example of this, with their enviable workspaces and employee perks, which are both fun and career-focused. Millennials want to work for the Googles of the corporate world, and once there, will devote themselves to contributing to the company in a meaningful way.
Gen Y is different in that they don’t just want to work for great companies – they want to be a part of why those companies are great, and see their hard work reflected in the company’s success. They care about their employer’s ethics and impact on the world, and want to work for brands they can be proud to be a part of. Company culture has never been more important to job seekers, and as millennials are becoming valuable assets in the workforce, it’s time to think about how your company can connect with Gen Y in the office as well as on a consumer level.