Life Lessons from Gen Y: Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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original_love-your-jobFor members of Gen Y, growing up with Baby Boomer parents often meant seeing mom and dad head out to a job they didn’t love – maybe even one they hated – day after day. The message was clear: work hard, climb the corporate ladder, retire as early as possible and then enjoy life as a free man or woman. You didn’t have to love your career so much as you had to survive it – life was what happened after work, on weekends, and in retirement. Compartmentalized was the way to go, and only a lucky few truly loved their 9-5. Millennials want more, and it’s changing how people think about work. Gen Y isn’t satisfied working in a job they hate, looking toward a retirement that’s over 30 years away. They have a different vision entirely, and higher expectations for happiness in the workplace.

Instead of choosing a career based on stability and income alone, millennials are finding ways to turn their interests into emotionally fulfilling careers. They want jobs they are passionate about, and enjoy doing. Love art, or music? Find a way to make it a part of your career. Is travel your thing? Find a job that lets you see the world. The line between work and play is blurring like never before as Gen Y places a higher value on doing what you love, and takes the separation out of work and personal life – it’s all one, so you’d better make the most of it. Gone are the days of “safe” choices – it’s all about risk now, and for many, it’s paying off. And for others…well, that basement dweller stereotype has to apply to some people, right? (Hey – you’ve gotta start somewhere.)