The Millennial Appetite

millennial appetite
Today’s millennials are all about a healthy lifestyle – eating right, exercising regularly and taking “me time” for self-growth.  However, with the outrageously delicious food trends that are constantly popping up all over social media, (rainbow coloured bagels and ice cream with cotton candy and birthday candles!?), foodie-tendencies kick in and millennials are willing to sacrifice a cheat meal if it means tasting the latest indulgence.
With the ever-expanding healthy eating trend, fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Tim Hortons have been adjusting their menus to better offer “healthier options” to those avoiding fatty foods.  Whether you’re a daily calorie counter or simply enjoy a lighter meal, salads, chicken wraps, quinoa and kale have been making an appearance on more and more menus to maintain existing and gain new customers.
The societal shift toward a healthier diet doesn’t stop with fast food restaurants, grocers and food retailers are jumping into the ring as well. Sabra Canada has recently expanded their product offerings in hopes of catching the attention of millennials. With the recent launch of their “Veggie Fusions” – a blend of guacamole and vegetables that has 25% less fat than the original guacamole, they’re aiming to appease to the masses with a fan favourite (who doesn’t love guac?) while still making it a healthy alternative.  The product is also being offered in two other flavours, “Garden Vegetable” and “Yongo Lime” to cater to a wider audience.
Another trend among millennials’ eating habits is their lack of a routine. With work, exercise and busy social schedules, snacking has become a rite of passage for the on the go generation.  Rather than pre-determined meals, their diets typically involve one or two main meals with a variety of smaller meals in between.  This is why their snack game must be (somewhat) healthy, energizing and substantial.
Overall, millennials are looking for convenience, variety and flavour in their food (with both everyday eating and the occasional indulgence).  We live in a world where cravings are met at the click of a button on your smartphone.  Delivery services such as Just Eat, Foodora & Uber Eats make it possible to eat what you want, when you want it – and it doesn’t cost a fortune!