Millennials in the Workforce

With Millennials being the largest generation in the workforce last year according to Canadian Business, it is important for businesses to spend more time and effort enticing this generation to join their roster and adopt the company vision and values.
In order for companies to engage with Millennials, they need to take the time to understand who they are – what makes them happy? What turns them off? What kind of boss do they envision themselves working for? The answers to these questions can be the key to success in maintaining employee morale. According to Canadian Millennials, there are 6 categories that they can be categorized into: The Achiever, The Stampeder, The Pacer, The Simple Lifer, The Spark and The Firefly (link to the quiz below to determine which one you are!). Identifying what type of personalities your staff possess will help to better connect with them in the office.
A recent study conducted by PwC gave a good glimpse at a few factors Millennials consider when seeking employment: opportunities to work more flexibly and creatively on projects, working alongside a manager that inspires and motivates employees and making friends at work to expand both personal and career networks were among them.  Whether it’s Employee of Month, bonuses or weekly achievement awards, it’s important for employers to regularly encourage staff as away to increase office morale and make the environment one that Millennials want to work in.
Despite the fact that they have taken over the workforce, a large portion of Millennials are not necessarily working in their field of interest or study. According to Fast Company, more than 50% of Millennials say they would take a pay cut if it meant working in an environment that would put their skills, values and interests to work.  So why are they diving into careers that don’t align with their schooling and beliefs?  Years of schooling has lead to a hefty amount of student debt, living on their own adds to that expense, as well as all of those life experiences (food and music festivals, travel and other Instagram-worthy endeavours).  An income from a company they might not have envisioned themselves working for is still an income – which is better than Kraft Dinner every night.
At the end of the work day, Millennials want to be in an atmosphere where they feel connected and where they are appreciated. They welcome frequent feedback and a sense of mentorship from their superiors. Plus, flexible hours with the option to work-from-home every once in a while doesn’t hurt! Most of all, Millennials crave a feeling that what they’re doing has purpose and that their work is not going unnoticed.
Find out which Millennial you are here!millennials-1-1024x642