A look at Gen Z

There is a new generation on the horizon who already has $2 billion of spending power in their pockets and the potential to shake up the marketing scene. Who is this up and coming group of teenagers? They are Generation Z – the first group born into an already digital world which has changed their values and needs. They never knew a time where emojis weren’t a native language and trying out cosmetic products in YouTube videos wasn’t a viable profession. Brands need to ensure that they understand how to reach them, especially with Vision Critical reporting a 41% increase in the use of online ad blockers, suggesting that they aren’t interested in being marketed to online.
With traditional advertising no longer working its magic, new methods of attracting consumers need to be explored. Marketo reported that the average attention span is now only 8 seconds, adding to the challenge of effectively delivering key messaging. They also revealed that this shrinking attention span is being spread out amongst 5 different devices, suggesting that a multi-platform approach may need to be taken. This generation appears to respond well to visual stimuli, with 70% of respondents saying they watch more than 2 hours of YouTube a day in a Consumer Insights survey. Apart from utilizing captivating imagery on relevant platforms, it is important for brands to make their product information available online, as 94% of Gen Z browse for products digitally (eMarketer). This also highlights the importance of your brands’ online presence through social media engagement as well as Search Engine Optimization.
Apart from wanting exciting online engagement, this generation also looks for brands that can support their ambitious goals and help further their success. In the previously mentioned Marketo survey, 72% of high school students expressed an interest in starting their own business at some point. These teens will be looking for brands that provide them with the control and capabilities to achieve their dreams.
Gen Z is ultimately looking for brands that are integrated into their every day lives through technology and offer them value beyond a low price. If brands can align themselves with these objectives, they will get ahead of the game and have a better chance of winning the long-term loyalty of this up-and-coming generation. Don’t know where to start? Try Tweeting at them with a link to your new YouTube video or show off your products’ updated features on Instagram to grab their attention. Whatever you do, you have to let them come to you instead of getting lost in the sea of online advertisements that their ad blocker will hide before it ever even reaches them.Generation Z (1)