Brands Join the EDM Party

As new generations come of age, new styles of music come into the spotlight right behind them. Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, and many other genres have been around for decades if not longer, leaving room for the next big trend. Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, seems to be up to the challenge of reinvigorating the music scene and has found a solid fan base in the Millennial generation. IMGP3540
What is it about EDM that has them hooked? Maybe it’s that you don’t have to ditch your other favourite musical styles because they’re frequently sampled or remixed in EDM songs. Millennials are also always up for an engaging live experience, and EDM festivals offer a non-stop dance party with flashing lights and a crowd that never seems to run out of energy. DJs mix their music live at these events, which means there’s always a surprising rhythmic or melodic change around the corner. Festival goers attend with an average of 5 friends according to Eventbrite, making these events a way for everyone to share a memorable experience together. EDM’s popularity exploded because of the power of the internet, specifically sites designed to share user-generated content such as SoundCloud; it’s no surprise that it reached the tech-savvy Millennial generation.
The explosion of the EDM genre could mean huge opportunities for brands; Bud Light has wasted no time getting in on the action. They are already the host of Digital Dreams, the biggest electronic music event in Canada. They recently ran a video campaign featuring a series of EDM social experiments. In one of the experiments, participants sat alone in a white room while a song began to play. Seems pretty straight forward. However, if they got up and started dancing, lights began to flash while a confetti canon went off, that participant learning that they won tickets to the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium (which took place this past weekend). In another video, participants once again were seated in a room but this time had a speaker system set up in front of them and were told not to touch anything. A song began to play quietly and participants who ignored the instructions and reached over to turn up the volume were also rewarded with tickets. This campaign captures the spirit of EDM music which is about having fun and not following all of the rules…which is evidently connecting with a lot of people looking for an escape from all of their daily stressors.
EDM isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it is important for brands to understand the personality of electronic dance music and facilitate the experiences their target consumers are looking for. Brands can create a lasting link between the Millennial generation and a musical genre that resonates with them by supporting their quest for a good time and by making their marketing strategies part of the party.
Watch the Bud Light campaign here!