Instagram Gets A Makeover

Instagram has become more and more popular over the years, acting as a platform for users to post photos and short videos, sharing their experiences with their friends and followers. Over the past year or so, they have made quite a few changes including extending video length and altering their algorithms and how posts show up when. A lot of these recent changes have come into play after Snapchat took center stage, growing in popularity amongst social media users of all ages in a short amount of time. Especially more recently, Snapchat has developed fun and interactive ways for brands to showcase themselves and be involved in the consumers’ daily life. Something that Instagram and even Twitter were originally front-runners on. With Snapchat posing a stronger threat then before, no wonder Instagram made such a bold move.  instagram image
The newest change to Instagram comes August 2nd, with some users claiming that they are copying, stealing, cloning, etc. from Snapchat. What is the new update? Instagram Stories – conveniently allowing you to post 24-hour photo and video slideshows (10-second-max) that will disappear with the time runs out. Similarities include being able to add filters, colours and draw on your soon-to-be story. Instead of scrolling through your already existing feed, these stories will be housed on the top of your feed, having access to them as soon as you open the app itself.
Interesting to note that that this isn’t Facebook’s first attempt at mimicking the Snapchat functions, having to have pulled Poke, Slingshot and Instagram Bolt from app stores. With the new Instagram update, they are hoping that the Stories will be a fun addition, and will be successful as users will already be checking the app for the latest adventures had by their friends and celebrities they follow.
Though you may not be able to partake in location filters, fun selfie props or stickers, it appears that Instagram is not hesitating to make a wave in competing against the Snapchat sensation that we all have come to know and love.
This new update however could be huge for brands and companies looking to advertise as their ads and endorsements would be available to users without forcing them to view the Stories. Along with no pressure of likes or public comments, a brands’ image can be positively reflected with minimal backlash.
What does the internet think about this? As mentioned, some individuals out there feel that Facebook should be ashamed of the new update and shouldn’t be changing a good thing. Some have even gone as far as to Tweet why Snapchat hasn’t sued.
Will you be embracing the new update? Stop using Snapchat altogether? The social media battles will definitely be in full swing as the Stories update begins to roll out.