Class of 2016

New Grads Graphic
Congratulations graduating class of 2016, you’re officially required to adult! It can be surreal how time passes; one minute you’re writing a final paper and being counted down on an exam clock, the next you’re sitting in your parents’ basement, wondering what to do with your life. Have no fear, not being completely sure about your future is 100% normal!
With about 3-4 weeks of Summer left, there are a few categories or mindsets that Millennials may find themselves in: those who are cramming all of the activities they wanted to do in 4 months in to 3 weeks; those who are extremely organized and have already commenced the back-to-school shopping; and those who for the first time are asking themselves “now what?”. The first Fall that you don’t go back to school can bring on a flood of emotions, not to mention a sense of freedom. Maybe it hasn’t sunk in yet that you aren’t returning to school, or maybe you’ve been working an internship for the summer that is leading to your career – either way, it’s safe to say that you’re about to embark on a whole new adventure and chapter of your life.
Millennials entering the full-time work force post summer months should consider themselves grateful. Whether your internship led to an opportunity or you were one of the lucky ones who landed an interview, starting a career is something more and more Millennials are finding to be a struggle. As a result of dealing with the career woes, over 45% of Millennials want to work on their own, rather then become a part of a corporation (POME Study). More and more we hear of start-up companies growing from school projects and leading into full-time employment post undergrad. It may not be the easier path, but having a passion for what you’re doing can definitely fuel your success.
If you’re one of those recent grads who isn’t ready to take on the “Real World”, you’re not alone. In terms of the current job hunt, 46% of Gen Y and 31% of Gen Z are actively searching for jobs (POME Study). The odds of Millennials who have recently graduated and are looking to enter into the workforce is not particularly in their favour! (Excuse the shameless Hunger Game Reference). According to Forbs, not only have loans increased due to the higher rates of tuition, the number of people taking out student loans have increased by 70%. This unfortunately means more Millennials are in debt and for longer. To add to the pressure of a new grad, snagging a full-time job for a young, up-in-coming professional is tricky to say the least.
If you’ve decided to put a pause on the career front or even taking a break from the constant flow of applying, a lot of Millennials are taking the time to travel – according to our POME data, 75% of Millennials see travelling as something they want to experience, especially before locking in a career. More and more individuals are finding themselves touring the globe when things don’t work in the career department – and who can blame them? Embarking on a new adventure might even lead to further guidance on what you want to spend your week days doing. Whether your travels are an Eat, Pray, Love experience or more of a Hangover trip – expanding your horizon outside of your comfort zone is always a great learning opportunity.
It doesn’t matter if you’re spending 4+ hours a day applying to jobs, planning a 3 week backpacking adventure or getting exercise playing Pokémon, it’s important to cherish your time between school and the workforce. In the words of Miss. Frizzle, “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy”. Everyone can offer life advice and share stories of the roads they’ve travelled on, but at the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows what is best for you.