Office Etiquette 101

Office Etiquette 101 photo
Every office has its own lifestyle and day-to-day flow. Whether it’s floods of employees commencing office chatter at 8 AM or more of a scattered progression to every chair being filled by lunch. Some offices are full of structure and follow a totem-poll set-up, while others are more open concept and encourage interactions. With numerous types of environments and cultures, no two offices are alike. So how do you define the rules and regulations? A good place to start is by determining Office Etiquette; defined as a code of conduct that should be followed in the workplace, ultimately making the environment pleasant for all employees.
No matter what type of environment you find yourself working in, there are some basic do’s and don’ts in the workforce:

  • Wear proper office attire … crop tops not included
  • Treat all coworkers with respect … essentially, treat others how you wish to be treated
  • Be a team player … teamwork makes the dream-work
  • Keep your phone on vibrate … if you are allowed to use your phone, make sure it’s on silent as to not disturb your coworkers with your ringtones
  • Always say please and thank you and ask before using other peoples’ property … being close with your coworkers is great, but never assume what’s theirs is yours


  • Don’t leave your sandwich in the fridge for over a week … this is not okay
  • Don’t leave the water cooler beeping … if you were the last to use it, change the bottle
  • Don’t yell loudly … respect that other people may be making calls or dealing with clients
  • Don’t clip your nails at your desk … I really hope we don’t have to explain this one
  • Don’t come to work if your sick … stay home, rest and get better without spreading the germs

Each office has their own protocols that come together to make the environment successful. So no matter where you work and what the rules are, just remember to have some common sense.