The Sentimental Millennial

Clinton is running for President, Pokémon is back, and our closets are stuffed with high waist pants and crop tops. What decade are we in?
As the 90’s seem to creep back into our lives and our closets (does anyone else have an abundance of plaid shirts?!), it’s hard not to think about all the good things that this decade brought us. Here is a list of just a few things that may make Millennials a bit sentimental for the days of Nick Carter and Britney singing & dancing her way into the status of Princess of Pop.

  1. Forget iMessage and social media. MSN Messenger and ICQ were all the rage. We could chat, we could have entire conversations in emoji’s (before they became a thing), and we would literally wait ten minutes after our crush signed in before saying “Hi J” so we didn’t look like a stalker.
  1. The literary genius of RL Stine. We don’t know about you but Goosebumps literally kept us awake at night, scared to fall asleep for the better part of our youth. And forget about venturing into the basement. We weren’t getting suckered into that trick…
  1. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, movies, lunch boxes, action figures, etc. Basically anything that Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo touched became gold – (or should we say green?). If you have no clue what we’re referring to – do us a favor and Google it.
  1. All the NOW CD’s. Why tape the countdown off the radio when we could buy all of our favourite songs in one compact disc?
  1. The Classics: Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, NSYNC, 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child. We can’t forget the relationships that spawned across this time – Jessica and Nick, Britney and Justin. Who else could make Chicken of the Sea a household name, not to mention head-to-toe denim becoming a trend?
  1. The great hair fashions. Headbands, scrunchies, butterfly clips. Do we need to say more?
  1. All the feel good TV. There was nothing better than getting home at 4 PM and binge watching Saved by the Bell, Boy Meets World, Home Improvement, Full House, and Fresh Prince of Belair, to name a few. No one could give a life lesson speech better then Mr. Feeny.

Some trends come and go (let’s try and forget about the mini skirt era) but if we didn’t have these moments in history who knows where we would be today? Just think of a world without Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back.