Wearable Tech Breakthrough in the Fashion Industry

With wearable tech on the rise, it’s no surprise that fashion and technology are merging more than ever before. For those of you amazed by the Apple Watch, have you considered taking things one step further? What if the tech itself was more then a tangible accessory? What if you could control your music playlist or transmit data to another device via a trendy temporary tattoo? The great minds at MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have done just that! DuoSkin
Recently a product called DuoSkin, an aesthetic and on-skin interface surfaced on the internet. What’s so special about this new gadget? It’s a temporary tattoo enhanced with tiny, multi-functional electronic components covered in gold leaf. If you’re wondering just how this could be implemented into your daily life, we’ve got you covered. For starters, this is definitely a festival-goers dream come true! Not into festivals? Can also use it as a weekly accessory to make your daily communications that much more efficient.
Here are just a few ways that we are predicting the DuoSkin may be used in the future:

  1. Input: this will allow you to control your mobile devices with a swipe of the tattoo!
  2. Output: this will trigger colour change when your body temperature changes.
  3. Communication: this allows you to store information right on your skin! For example, concert tickets being scanned without even taking out your phone

Check out this video from DuoSkin themselves for a sneak-peak:
We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to get our tattoos! #Fashionrevisted #trends