Saving Money As A Student

Saving Money as Student:
Managing your money correctly will help you learn not only healthy saving habits but allow you to control more of your money and where it is going. We all can agree that University and College can really drain your bank account when you start adding up text book fees, tuition fees, rent/dorm room cost, groceries, and overall livings expenses; not to mention, your bar tab.
To better monitor how much money you spend, here are a few good tips that will help secure your bank account:

  • Coffee: Instead of buying coffee on campus before class, brew your own at home and bring a thermos to classes instead; this way you save cash and still get your daily caffeine fix!
  • Meals: Always try to meal prep and eat at home instead of going out; not only will it save your pennies, but your waistline too
  • Textbooks: If you have a roommate and you happen to be taking the same courses or are in the same program, split the cost of one text book instead of buying one each – sharing is caring folks; plus, you can sell the textbook afterwards too!
  • Extra Cash: Pick up a part time job or apply to a work study program so you can earn extra money throughout the school year. Joining Intercept Group is a great opportunity for this!
  • Save: Utilize your student card as much as possible to take advantage of discounts. Most grocery stores have a student discount day and usually take at least 10% off your bill if you go on that day
  • Transportation: When going out try to use an Uber instead of a cab- its cheaper and a lot more convenient. Just download the app and see for yourself