Be My Valentine

“Love is just love, it can never be explained”but it can come with a price tag.
Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become somewhat of a commercial holiday in our culture – not to mention a way into one’s wallet, not just the heart. A dozen roses doubles in price, stores fill their shelves with chocolate, and restaurants are lined up out the door.
With all the advertising and promotions that are active leading up to the 14th, it can sometimes be hard to choose what is the best plan of action for your special someone. Here are a few gift & date ideas to help celebrate the day:

  • For Him: Tickets to a sporting event, wallet, personalized mug or flask, his favourite candy / chocolate, photo album, shaving kit, cologne, cuff links, electronics, socks & ties
  • For Her: Jewelry, polaroid camera, dinner at her favourite restaurant, flowers, chocolate, lingerie, wine of the month subscription, perfume, candles

If you two are not the gift-exchanging type, preferring the experience over products, here are a few date ideas:

  • A visit to your local skating rink (cheap and very romantic!)
  • Couples massage / spa day (everyone, no matter who you are, loves a good massage!)
  • Netflix & takeout (entertainment, food, and beau – what more do you need?)
  • A weekend away (because you two deserve it)
  • Cooking lesson at a restaurant (…time to move on from the frozen dinners)
  • Dinner & a movie (classic but very effective)

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, anxiously waiting to hear what your significant other has planned, or are hitting the town with your crew, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated and embraced in any way you choose.
Although the love and affection should happen every day, February 14th is the one day where we can step back and recognize all the amazing things you and your beau have done for each other. It can also be a time to recognize not just your significant other, but showing love to everyone! Think back to elementary school when Valentine’s Day cards were handed out to everyone in the class – making everyone feel a little special. Why not continue this practice in the “adult-world”, giving out cards to your colleagues, family members, and friends.