The Wonderful World of Snapchat Spectacles

2 mins to read

If you’re an avid Snapchat user, prepare to be wowed by Snapchat Spectacles (sunglasses that obtain visuals). Getting right to the point, Specs can perform one action really well –  record video content that can be saved to your phone or uploaded to Snapchat. They were previously only available at locations with a pop-up vending machine, but we were happy to discover that they are now available for online purchase in the US.
Having given the Specs a test run ourselves, we would recommend using them to record action. Allowing for hands-free moments to be captured from your own personal point of view really gives you a lot of freedom to Snap on the go. That being said, wearing sunnies indoors isn’t wildly acceptable – unless you’re someone famous, so we’ll stick to outdoor activities for now.
Interestingly enough, Spectacles capture a circular video which allows you to rotate your phone to see more. Check out the IG video:

Being an avid fan of lenses (que our favourite bunny Snapchat lens for Easter) we were disappointed to find out that they can’t be applied while recording. However, if you’re someone who likes to doodle or apply filters after taking a Snap, you’re in business. Additionally, we are hoping that the next generation of Specs will allow you to take stills, as the current model allows for 10 and 20 second videos only.
If you’re looking to capture a point-of-view perspective whether it be jumping on a trampoline this Spring, dancing, cooking, playing with your favourite pet, or biking, you can capture some pretty awesome Snaps hands-free!