Social Media & Relationships: Friend or Foe

Millennials have grown up in a world where relationships are built and maintained through social media in some way, shape or form. Whether you met someone online, have been Catfished, are guilty of posting monthly anniversary updates or fight over Snapchat best friends – these social media actions have become topics of face-to-face discussions. Have you ever wondered what relationships would be like without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc?
Imagine a world where before going on a date, you and 5 of your closest friends couldn’t do an in-depth background check on the person you’re about to meet. You wouldn’t be able to creep where they work, who their ex is, or what they did last weekend (sounds horrible, right?)
If you want a brief glimpse into what this would be like, watch an episode or two of Sex and the City. The problems and issues that these ladies face in their relationships are no different than those we face today; social media just adds a whole new layer of complications into the mix.
Although social media can be a great way to meet people (i.e. that cute girl/guy you’re into might slide into your DMs and make your heart skip a beat), it can also cause an unsolicited fight. Each platform of social media provides its own unique components to cause insecurities. For example:

  • Facebook: Is that a tagged picture of my girlfriend standing beside another guy at the bar? *thinks to self* Is she cheating?
  • Instagram: Did he seriously just like her bikini picture on Instagram? *thinks to self* Does he find her more attractive than me?
  • Don’t even get us started on Snapchat: Let’s all just take a minute to thank the high heavens that the “top 3 best friends” component is no longer in effect. We all know that wasn’t doing relationships any good.

To help prevent these possible relationship fumbles, here’s a list of what not to do on social media when you’re in a relationship (or at least keep the crazy to a minimum):

  1. Don’t like every hot girl/guy’s picture on Instagram. Save the affection for your significant other and everyone will be happy.
  2. Don’t creep the FB album of the club your significant other was at on the weekend to see if you can catch them doing something bad. If you’re that insecure you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship with this person and need to work on yourself first.
  3. Don’t take a scandalous Snapchat story to make your significant other jealous. You’ll regret it in the morning – tell drunk you “no”!
  4. Don’t creep your significant other’s ex. It may be tempting but chances are you won’t like what you see.
  5. Don’t under any circumstances go on to your significant other’s social media without their knowledge. If you’re not sure why this is wrong, refer to number 2.

Moral of the story, before you go all “Beyonce 2016” on your significant other, take a minute to step back and think… is it worth a fight?
Note: If you answered yes to the above question, please don’t delete them from your profile picture every single time a fight occurs.
Sincerely, all your social media friends.