Happy Mother's Day From Kraft

Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate the woman in your life who has been there through it all. From the countless hours of labour, to the late-night sports practices, to cheering you on through every milestone in your life. It’s safe to say that moms are the best. So, what will you be doing for your mom this Mother’s Day?
The traditional Mother’s Day gestures include a thoughtful card, her favourite flowers, and perhaps a nice meal – but let’s face it, not all moms are traditional. The modern-day mom has a lot on her plate. She must balance her kid’s life, her job, her marriage, her social life, and everything in-between. Being a mom is hard, and constant portrayal in the media for moms to have no faults can be very overwhelming.
Kraft recognized this and rather than playing into the stereotypical homemaker mom ads, the brand decided to be bold this Mother’s Day with their “Swear Like A Mother” commercial. If you haven’t seen the ad at first you might not think it’s anything out of the ordinary as it casts a sweet homemaker looking woman with a gentle voice. However, there’s a catch – she swears. Kraft’s commercial brings to light the fact that moms have so much pressure to be proper around their children and set a good example, when sometimes they just want to blow a gasket. The commercial concludes by suggesting that you can’t always be a perfect parent but that’s when there’s Mac n’ Cheese. Watch the video here.
This advertisement is a great example of how using humour to showcase the ugly truth can be very well received. Moms everywhere can relate to the mother in the commercial and as a result – let’s just say this bold commercial won’t be taken down anytime soon.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and remember – we love you even if you’re not perfect!