To Travel Or Not To Travel?

Travel is a prominent desire on the mind of many Millennials. As a generation who craves experiences, Millennials often turn to travel before entering the workforce. The idea of getting lost in a foreign country and learning about new cultures is becoming more thrilling and exciting than finding the perfect desk to ride for the next 30 years.
Travel not only gives you an opportunity to explore and vacation, but it is also a great learning experience:

  1. It opens your eyes up to the truth about different cultures. Don’t believe everything you hear in the media. Traveling allows you to make your own opinions about the world (and it will likely be very different from what you heard on the news).
  2. You get the opportunity to try new things you may not be able to do at home (I.e. Climb a mountain, go scuba diving, learn how to surf, see animals in their natural habitat).
  3. It pushes you out of your comfort zone! Travelling to a foreign country can be hard at times. You will probably get lost; you will get hungry and not know where the nearest McDonald’s is, and you will ultimately get frustrated at one point or another. But the experiences that come from these situations are the best memories to look back on – and make for some of the best stories to tell later.
  4. You get to meet new friends. No matter what culture or language, a smile is universal and it will go a long way.
  5. Travel teaches you to enjoy life. North America is a very high strung society. Traveling allows you to unwind and reminds you of the important things that sometimes get lost in the hustle & bustle.

Perhaps while reading the above, you were thinking “This is all so true. I’d love to travel but…”:

  1. It’s too much money, I need to save so I can move out/buy a house/car/etc.: This is a valid point, saving is important. However, this may be the only time in your life – at least for the next while – that you can take a month or two off to travel. Once you enter the workforce you’re looking at about 2 weeks’ vacation per year to start off, and you might not necessarily be able to take those two weeks back-to-back.
  2. I don’t know how to go about planning a big trip: That’s ok! A lot of people don’t know where to begin, but thanks to the digital world it’s very easy to learn or even work with a company to plan for you. There are plenty of blogs about traveling that will teach you anything from where to go, to how much it will cost, to what to pack. Here are some great resources to get you started:

* Hostel World: An app that allows you to book hostels all over the world. It includes ratings and pictures of what the hotel looks like. No surprises here!
* Skyscanner or Kayak: These websites do the work for you by comparing flights across a wide range of Airlines to find you the best deal.

  1. I don’t have anyone to go with: You don’t have to! The great thing about travel is you get to meet so many people. Traveling solo gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want whenever you want.  Contiki Tours are great for this as well.

Whether you’re looking to plan the trip of a lifetime, or an outlet to “find yourself,” we guarantee that you won’t regret spending the money to travel. It might even open your eyes to a career path you hadn’t yet considered. Bon Voyage!
Sites mentioned for support in planning your trip: