Summer Office Fashion 101

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons for fashion and while it may feel as though your wardrobe options are endless, there is a distinct difference between fun weekend-wear and appropriate office attire. Those warmer months can present some difficulties when trying to keep cool and figure out how to dress for the workplace, so we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of office wear do’s and don’ts for the summer to help ease some of your fashion anxieties.
DO have fun with your footwear. In the summer it’s totally acceptable to play around with open toed or wedged shoes. Mixing in a bright colored heel or patterned flat can be a fun way to revive an otherwise dull outfit.
DON’T bring your beach footwear to the office. Although flip flops or Birkenstocks are super comfortable to lounge around in, they don’t exactly scream office-wear. Rather than rocking your favorite Old-Navy flip-flops, try opting for something dressier such as a thong sandal. These are still comfortable and work-appropriate.
DO throw on a dress if you’re trying to stay cool in the summer heat. Something with a lighter fabric is breathable and makes for an easy everyday work attire outfit. Sheath dresses in a cotton fabric are perfect for a corporate environment, while floral dresses are a great statement piece within a business casual office.
DON’T confuse your daytime work space with a night-club. When selecting a summer dress, make sure that it is a suitable length for the office (knee-length or just above is usually safe). Although lighter fabrics are breezier, make sure that your dress is not overly sheer or see-through. If you’re worried about showing too much skin and need to cover-up those spaghetti straps but don’t want to overheat in a wool cardigan, try out an open kimono or a sleeveless vest for some added style.
DO brighten up your wardrobe in the summer months by experimenting with color. Maybe try out that bright yellow blouse that’s been hiding in the back of your closet during those gloomy winter months! Adding some sleeveless or eyelet tops to your wardrobe is also a great way to play around with patterns and textures.
DON’T wear an overly revealing crop-top to work. Although a fun way to spice-up a Friday night outfit, they’re not necessarily appropriate for the office. Off the shoulder tops are an alternative to your traditional summer crop-top, however be mindful of your office-dress code as each work environment varies in what they deem to be ‘acceptable’ apparel.
DO incorporate denim into your office-apparel this summer beyond your typical casual Friday jeans. Button-up denim dresses and jumpers are all the rage at the moment and paired with a bright lip can make for the perfect work outfit.
DON’T rock your favorite ripped-up denim shorts to the office. Although totally fitting for those summer concerts or music festivals, your short-shorts are better left at home. This applies to jeans as well, avoid wearing overly distressed or ripped jeans to work.. Instead try-out a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans for an edgier look.