Happy Father's Day From Gillette

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Barbeques, sports, new tools and beer. This is what Father’s Day is all about, right?
It’s no secret that brands tend to place a greater amount of effort and emphasis on their marketing tactics when promoting Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. The standard marketing usually suggests buying your dad a new tool from Canadian Tire, or taking him to his favourite sports game, while marketing for Mother’s Day suggests showering her in gifts and meaningful gestures.
This Father’s Day, Gillette took a different angle with their commercial “Go Ask Dad.”
Gillette’s commercial shows young boys asking their phone for advice about adolescence, and then a voice comes through with an answer. This advice is anything from “how do I shave my face” to “how do I know I’m in love”? What the boys don’t know is that the voice on the other end is their dad. At the end of the video, the dads come walking into the room and it is a very emotional moment for both the son and father.
Father and son relationships are typically portrayed through a very narrow and stereotypical lens by the media. The foundation of their relationships is often showcased as being based on common interests such as sports or high achievements. Very rarely, do commercials or marketing tactics showcase the emotional bond between a father and son. Gillet’s “Go Ask Dad” commercial shatters the stereotypical portrayal of the father/son relationship, by demonstrating that dads are there for all aspects of their child’s life, not just to tell them to toughen up.
We often take for granted how low maintenance our dads are – in comparison to our moms, that is. This Father’s Day, look past the basic ‘new tool’ gift for your dad. Put the Mother’s Day level of effort into your dad’s special day – we guarantee your thoughtful gestures won’t go unnoticed.  To see the “Go Ask Dad” commercial by Gillette, click here.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!