10 Summer Adventures That Should Make Your Bucket List

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Summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to get outside and take advantage of what nature has to offer.  These summer activities will get your heart rate going, and are sure to beat a summer of binge-watching Friends on Netflix for the third time. Round up your squad and enjoy these bucket list-worthy activities in the great outdoors!

  1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This relaxing activity is a great way to spend the day on the water and get an amazing core workout while you’re at it. Rentals typically go for about $20/hour and are easy to find near any major body of water – ask for a wider beginner board the first time you go and you’ll be set!

  1. Head to the Hot Springs

B.C. is a goldmine for hidden stashes of amazing hot springs! While some, like Harrison Hot Springs, offer a full resort experience, others require four-wheel drive and a long trek up a logging road. Whether your idea of adventure is off-the-beaten-path or a little more luxurious, a dip in the hot springs should surely make your bucket list this summer!

  1. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an amazing way to get in shape and discover what your back yard has to offer. Most cities offer a great network of urban trails, so grab a trail map from a local bike shop and head out the door! If you’re within driving distance from a ski resort, check out what kind of downhill mountain biking options they offer in the summer. The best part about downhill mountain biking at a resort is that you can skip the climb and take the chairlift! Keep in mind, this isn’t for the faint of heart – downhill biking is sure to get your adrenaline going!

  1. Horseback Riding

Heading on a trail ride with friends or taking a lesson at a local ranch will make for a memorable adventure this summer. If you spend most of your week in the city, a day trip to the countryside can be a welcome change of pace. Depending on your experience and skill level with horseback riding, there are endless options to choose from.

  1. Kayaking

Grab a few friends or your S.O. and spend the day on the water kayaking! Like paddle boarding, most major beaches will offer a place to rent a kayak that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Lather up on sunscreen and spend a few hours clearing your mind and paddling to your heart’s content.

  1. White Water Rafting

If you’re looking for a thrill-seeking activity to indulge in this summer, white water rafting might just fit the bill! From the Ottawa River to Banff and everything in between, it’s easy to find rafting companies that will guarantee a good time for a variety of skill levels. Trips can range from a couple hours to several days and are a great way to meet new people while trying an exciting new activity.

  1. Wine Tasting

A day of sampling the best the vineyards have to offer is hard to beat! Whether you opt for a tour that involves biking  through Niagara’s vineyards while you sip or a deliciously paired meal in the Okanagan, learning more about local wine and enjoying a generous amount of samples will stand out as a day well spent.

  1. Berry Picking

One of the best things about summer is the bounty of fresh fruit! Head to a local U-Pick with a few friends and spend the day in the sun filling a few buckets of berries that are bigger and tastier than anything you’ll find in the grocery store. Tip: Freeze part of your haul for smoothies all summer long.

  1. Frisbee Golf

If you’re looking for a great way to spend the afternoon without forking out a lot of cash, frisbee golf is an awesome summer activity. Whether you’re in the Vancouver, Edmonton, or Toronto ‘Frolf’ courses are often hidden among city parks and will wind you through the trees and across open spaces. Pack yourself a picnic lunch and grab a few frisbees for a fun way to spend the day outdoors.

  1. Ziplining

Haven’t tried ziplining yet? This is your year! Anyone who has tried it will tell you that whizzing through the trees in a harness is not to be overlooked. B.C. has the hottest spots for ziplining. If you’re in the Lower Mainland, you can zipline at the top of Grouse Mountain after checking out the grizzly bears and lumberjack show. For those elsewhere in B.C., there are no shortage of options including: Whistler, Revelstoke, and Kelowna.