Touchdown Brands! Our Top 3 Super Bowl 52 Ads

Do you know what the best part of the Super Bowl is? Clue: It’s not the stop start football and it’s not the mediocre half time shows. It’s the ads.
We can’t think of another time or place where people voluntarily tune in and pay attention to advertisements. No one is muting the audio or ad blocking these commercials. For some, these ads are just as entertaining as the offensive plays.
Amongst all the pre-game ad hype and 10 second teaser trailers that get released, audiences wait to see what brands and agencies have been working on for the past 364 days, and whether their $5 million per 30 second spot investment was actually worth the money.
In this post we highlight 3 of our favourite ads from Super Bowl 52.
Tide – It’s a Tide ad.
Coming off the back of some seriously negative PR with the Tide Pod Challenge fiasco, the Proctor and Gamble brand needed to win over viewers. Betting on humour, Tide sought to dominate the Super Bowl by not just having Stranger Things’ grizzly Sheriff Hopper re-enact every ad cliché (beer, perfume, cars to name a few) but also by buying the most ad slots. Tide didn’t release 1 or 2 ads, they had 5!
This reoccurring ad-buy technique resonated well with audiences and definitely made an impression with viewers. On YouTube alone, they’ve racked up over 4.3 million views. That’s not bad for a company that cleans clothes.
Amazon – Alexa’s Loses Her Voice
This ad already has 36 million views on YouTube. And even though it was premiered a few days before the Super Bowl, Amazon scored a touchdown with this one. Betting on the winning formula of humour + celebrities = ad success resulted in a great piece of storytelling marketing.
The beginning starts with a woman in the bathroom with Alexa faithfully by her side. The voice assistant suddenly coughs and loses her voice. Panic ensures as we are taken to Amazon HQ where CEO Jeff Bezos is informed of the news. Their plan? To hesitantly replace the number one voice assistant with a host of celebrity trouble-makers including Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Sir Anthony Hopkins.
The potential of this ad could be even bigger than the video views. We’d really like to see this story continue with other celebrities staring in future commercials and discovering how or if Alexa ever finds her voice again.
Netflix – The Cloverfield Paradox
Cloverfield was released 10 years ago and gathered cult success due to the shaky real world camera style of shooting. The bunker bound 10 Cloverfield Lane then came out 2 years ago. Now it’s 2018 and part 3 has landed. Paramount apparently weren’t confident about the movie, so a few weeks ago Netflix swooped in and snatched up the distribution rights. But it wasn’t the alien-fuelled content that made this an IG top 3 ad. It’s down to the fact that the movie was ready to stream straight after the game.
What was great about this ad was there had been no prior marketing of the movie release until the 3rd quarter of the game. It came as a complete surprise and was available moments after the Eagles lifted the Lombardi Trophy. Hulu advertised Castle Rock and Amazon Prime showed the latest installment of Tom Clancy’s spy series, Jack Ryan, but both these shows are only available to stream in the summer. Netflix on the other hand offered its’ audience brand new viewable content minutes later, whilst their rivals are making their subscribers wait months. That’s some serious lag time.
Comedy Wins
Along with the likes of Danny Devito, Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman, this year brands opted for more humour and less politics in their campaigns, which seemed to pay off. By playing it safe and relying on comedy to get messages across, brands are less likely to cause offence and rattle the cage of viewers’ social and political beliefs. At a time when politics seems to enter the fray at every opportunity it was refreshing to enjoy ads where celebrities did what they do best. Entertain.