Making the most of loyalty programs

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Who doesn’t love being rewarded for shopping? In March, the Globe and Mail found that 90% of Canadians have an average of four loyalty program cards in their wallets and brands are taking note. Everywhere you open your wallet a brand has a reward for you. Sephora rewards you on your birthday for being a ‘Beauty Insider’, Shoppers Drug Mart is giving away ‘PC Points’ for just shopping on a Tuesday, and at the gas station your Air Miles are doubled just for filling up. But where can you really take advantage and get the most rewards? By piggy backing your reward program onto your credit card.  

You don’t need to blow your credit limit each month to max out on the advantages of these rewards programs; we covered the top rewards programs based on your lifestyle, so you can earn the maximum amount of rewards for little investment.  

The Movie Buff 

The Scotiabank SCENE Visa offers a no annual fee card where you can earn 5 points for each dollar spent in Cineplex Odeon cinemas and 1 point on every $1 spent anywhere else. There is also a welcome bonus of 2,000 points which is equivalent to 2 free movie tickets. What makes this program great is that you only need 1,000 points to earn a movie ticket – so quick rewards are in reach.   

The Traveler  

American Express offers an Air Miles Platinum card, which has an annual fee of $65 per year (which is super low for a travel card), and a welcome bonus of 2,000 Air Miles when you charge $1,500 in purchases to your card within your first three months of membership. This is enough for a flight to a local city! It’s also easy to get insider access with your American Express card. Just flash your card at airports, concerts and special events to get access to airport lounges, line bypass, and even access to tickets earlier than they are released to the public. Who said the VIP life had to come at a price?  

The Shopper 

Mastercard and PC Financial have paired up to reward you with even more PC Points for shopping at almost 2,500 stores across Canada with no annual fee. At Loblaw owned grocery stores you get 10 points per every dollar, at Shoppers Drug Mart 25 points per every dollar, and everywhere else 10 points per $1 spent. Esso also has teamed up and offers a bonus of 2 cents per litre in points. 

No matter your lifestyle, there is a rewards program you can reap the benefits from to accentuate your lifestyle. Happy shopping!