Integrating new technology in your business practices

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Digital transformation is starting to provide businesses with more opportunities than ever before. At the same time, today’s technology landscape is more complex than it has ever been. New technologies are coming up every day and it’s hard to keep up.

Businesses have an added challenge. They don’t just have to stay up to date with these emerging technologies, but they need to stay invested in how their teams are adopting them.

The importance of change from the top down

We can all agree that implementing a new technology is ineffective if none of your employees are taking advantage of it. That’s exactly why focusing on change management is important.

It’s been proven that companies who spend their time onboarding their employees to new technologies will see much better returns on their investments.

As a matter of fact, a report from the Digital Transformation Institute  shows how many companies feel unprepared to face digital transformation: “Only a minority of businesses feel they have the right digital (39%) and leadership (35%) expertise to make the most of digital transformation”.

Empowering your business to do more

How can businesses stay ahead? It boils down to three key points.

Create a culture of transformation: Every employer should encourage employees to try new technologies and reward them for it. It’s impossible to change your organization without changing its culture first. Companies should provide leadership and give continuous feedback to their employees to improve and encourage engagement in digital transformation. This often involves shifting from a “know-it-all” culture to a “learn-it-all” culture, embracing continuous learning and experimentation among employees.

Break down gaps between business and technology: When investing in technology, employers need to understand that those decisions affect areas beyond the IT department. Digital transformation affects all areas and functions of the corporation. It’s key for the management of the company to establish one clear approach toward the new technology that the firm is willing to adopt before transmitting to the rest of the team.

Put customers first: Behind all kinds of new strategies, a business must always be looking out for their customers. The essence of any company is ensuring that the client has an outstanding experience with the brand and digital transformation plays such an important game there.
Firms should realize, if they haven’t yet, that by investing in digital transformation, they are also investing in their customer experience.

Start your new culture of work

Digital transformation goes beyond injecting some digital into the business model and it requires dedication and willingness to carry it out.

All in all, companies need to jump into this change head first without forgetting that their teams and customers need to evolve with them. By establishing a clear goal and promoting engagement among employees, the success and expansion of your business are almost guaranteed.