A sneak peek at digital transformation across Europe

digital transformation europe
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In 2017, a report by SAP found that 84% of companies regarded digital transformation as crucial, yet just 3% have actually completed any company-wide efforts. This comes as a shock to us in North America, a continent which has digital technology readily available at both work and at home. Where do other countries stack up in a time when digital transformation is such a crucial discussion? Here are a few recent transformations which show that the digital revolution is a priority in many parts of the world, not just the tech savviest of countries.

Small strides in Romania

Romania ranks last in the 2018 Digital Economy and Society Index and its performance in terms of digital public services is one of the lowest in the entire European Union. However, in 2018, a local government in Sibiu county decided to take a chance and implement digital solutions to better the lives of its citizens.

Until recently, the Romania Insider reported, all work servicing residents in the area had to be completed by pen and paper. Mayor Marius Grecu decided to implement an e-government platform helping streamline communications. City Hall staff are now able to manage all delivery of information and processing of requests for residents in real time.

Turkey: an economic powerhouse?

Turkey is aiming to be one of the top 10 economies of the world by 2023. They’ll strive to do this by implementing digital transformation strategies to move the country forward. The country is opening digital transformation centres for business owners to have access to training and consultancy services. These digital “factories” will open in the capital Ankara and Bursa in November 2018.

Mustafa Varank, Turkey’s technology and industry minister, has said that “the Turkish industry’s digital transformation is one of the policies that will [increase the competitiveness and structural transformation in production]”. Varank also noted that developing solutions in cloud technologies will be a large priority to ensure the infrastructure is in place for a digital transformation.

Where does the rest of Europe stand?

If you take a look at the Digital Economy and Society Index, it is interesting to note that Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands all top the list in terms of advanced digital economies. Romania, on the other hand, is the lowest ranked country on the list.

However, if they continue to integrate digital technologies as a fundamental part of their country’s day to day operations, it won’t be long until they catch up with their European counterparts. The tools are available. All it takes is a leap of faith from those who make the final decisions.

No matter where your country sits on the digital scale, there is always room for improvement in the digital age. Whether it be small gains, like the case of Romania, or big goals such as Turkey. Everywhere can benefit from implementing new strategies to better the lives of its citizens.

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