5 Must Have Technologies For The New Millennial Home

There’s no escaping technology in the modern world; it has redefined the workplace, our social lives, and now our homes! The ‘smart home’ industry is exploding, with new devices popping up seemingly on a daily basis. Tech brands have millennials to thank for this growth, many of whom are settling into their own homes and looking for ways to save time, maximize their energy usage and take advantage of the latest tech.

Here’s a look at our 5 must have/ our top 5 smart home products that will revolutionize the millennial home.

Tesla Solar Roof & Powerwall

Tesla has become a huge name in the automotive industry for their commitment to alternative energy, and as of 2015, they branched out into home products with the Solar Roof and Powerwall. The Solar Roof replaces an existing roof and converts sunlight into electricity to power the entire house.

It comes in several styles that mimic actual roofing materials but are even more durable and come with a lifetime warranty. Surplus solar power is stored in the Powerwall, which is a block mounted on the outside of a house. The Powerwall can supply electricity at night, during power outages, and natural disasters which eliminates the need for a backup generator.

Smart Lock

Tech company August has made intelligent home security easy and accessible with Smart Lock, a device that mounts over an existing deadbolt to provide Bluetooth connectivity to the door. Using a smartphone, access can quickly be granted to you or your guests. It can also be paired with August’s Doorbell Cam which lets you see who’s asking to come inside. If you’re not home, it will record a video of who’s ringing the doorbell for you to watch later on.

Automated Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing it to be controlled remotely by a phone, tablet, or computer. It keeps track of your daily temperature preferences and automatically generates a heating and cooling schedule which can be adjusted manually along the way. The thermostat also has motion sensors built in and will reduce energy usage if it detects that you’re not at home. It’s a great tool to ensure that your home is always at a comfortable temperature while avoiding wasting energy.

Toaster Oven

Artificial intelligence powers the June Intelligent Oven, which is able to weigh, monitor, and cook food with virtually zero user input. It’s as easy as popping something in the oven, waiting for the oven to confirm what kind of food it is, and selecting how you would like it cooked. Never worry again about whether or not your chicken breast is undercooked, the June Intelligent Oven can turn anyone into a master chef!

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo is a Bluetooth speaker powered by a personal voice assistant, Alexa. She can update you on things like the current weather, a summary of the news from channels that you’ve selected, and the traffic on your commute. New commands are being added regularly, such as calling an Uber or ordering a pizza.

Users can also program Alexa themselves to control other gadgets in the home such as the Nest Learning Thermostat or Smart Lock. For those who already have a favourite Bluetooth speaker, the Amazon Dot can be used as an add on to have Alexa functionality.

So there you have it. Whether it’s collecting sunlight to power our rooms, securing our front door through mobile connectivity or using our voice to control light, life can be much easier if we simply welcome a few more gadgets into our homes.