Touchdown Brands! Our Top 3 Super Bowl 52 Ads

Do you know what the best part of the Super Bowl is? Clue: It’s not the stop start football and it’s not the mediocre half time shows. It’s the ads. We can’t think of another time or place where people voluntarily tune in and pay attention to...
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Millennial Shopping Habits Changing Brick & Mortar One Store At A Time

With $600 billion in spending power annually, Millennial shopping habits are becoming very important to businesses. Especially since this number is expected to increase to a whopping $1.4 trillion over the next four years. Coupled with the fact that...
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Winning the Millennial Shopper

Millennials are one of the savviest shoppers in today’s marketplace. They seek peer product reviews, leverage price comparison websites and apps, and exert their influence through social media. Bottom line, they’re seeking the best value. Looking...
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