5 Apps to Help You Stay Organized on the Go


Juggling school and work is busy at the best of times, and more often than not can feel like there are an overwhelming number of tasks to manage. Staying on top of your schedule while you’re on the run can be the difference between feeling like your life if out of control and staying on top of your to do list. We’ve come up with a list of five of the best apps to help you stay organized on the go so you manage your schedule like a pro.


Once downloading Wunderlist, your life will never been the same! Ditch the sticky notes all over your desk and do yourself a favour by downloading this simple, yet effective app. Wunderlist lets you create “to do” lists on your phone, set deadlines, and share your lists with other people in your life. Between sharing your grocery list with your roomie so you know when they’ve picked up T.P. to organizing your study group deliverables, this app takes all the things you’re trying to remember and puts them in one place.


Whether you’re studying for an exam before work or learning key messaging for a brand ambassador gig, Quizlet is a great app to help you make the most of short breaks during your day. Create flashcards on your phone while you’re studying and test yourself later on the skytrain, in the coffee shop line up or during your lunch break. This app lets you create different “study sets” and creates quizzes for you to help you learn.

Google Docs

We’ve all used Google Docs from time to time, but downloading the app made a huge difference for me while I was in school. Having Google Docs accessible on your phone takes away the “I’ll write my paper when I get home” excuse. Dive into the research portion of paper-writing while you’re at the library, upload your notes to Google Docs, and write the actual paper while you’re on the go. Using this method will turn the hour you sit on the bus after class from a waste of time where you mindlessly scroll through Instagram to a productive part of your day. We all know what that means – more time for Netflix when you get home!


Trello will make a world of difference in keeping your team on the same page. This app lets you add ‘cards’ that you can easily scroll through to get a snapshot of important deadlines and meetings. You can attach PDFs to give your team access to important files as well as create reminders to help everyone manage deadlines. Whether you’re managing a team of people at work or keeping a group project on track at school, Trello will be a huge help.


Dropbox is amazing for ensuring you have access to photos and files when you’re on the run. The free version includes a generous amount of storage space and comes in handy in countless situations. This easy to use cloud storage app is that you can easily share large documents with people. Video files or large photos are a nightmare to email, but as long as the other person has a Dropbox account, you can share files with them and allow them to contribute content to a folder. Once you’ve made your account, keep a copy of all your school papers and class notes in Dropbox – it will be your saving grace in the event of a computer meltdown right before exams!

These five apps are a great start to keeping yourself organized on the go. Thanks to smartphones and the wonders of cloud storage allowing us to have access to everything we need on the go, gone are the days of sitting at your desk at home in front of a calendar. By setting yourself up so that you can access files and information regardless of where you are, you’ll feel like you’re in control of your life even when you’re not at home.