How To Incorporate Exercise Into Daily Activities

When we pledge to become more active, the first step to follow is often heading to the nearest gym and dropping a chunk of money on a monthly membership. “If I have the membership I’ll be motivated to go”—right? Wrong. Just because you’re now spending money $50/month on a gym membership, doesn’t mean anything will change. A more effective way to change your lifestyle is to add exercise into your daily routine, so activity becomes inevitable, rather than one more thing you need to make time for during the day.

Download Carrot Rewards

What’s more motivating than having someone reward you for walking? Carrot Rewards an app now available in BC, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador and was started by the BC Government to motivate people to make healthy choices. By enabling the ‘Steps’ function on your phone, you’ll get rewarded with points for incorporating more walking into your day. Plus, you can earn points for taking short surveys about health-related topics, so your health will always be front of mind.

Get off the Bus a Stop Early

If you’re making use of your school bus pass now that university is back in full swing, getting off the bus a stop early is one of the easiest ways to add exercise into your day. This chart will help you calculate exactly how many calories you’re burning based on your weight and how fast you’re walking. Walking uphill is definitely worth the extra effort to get your heart rate up and burn excess calories! Plus, now that you’re racking up points with Carrot, the extra steps added to your day will feel more than worth it!

Clean the House

Cleaning burns a surprising amount of calories, and is a great way to make a good first impression with new roommates. Scrubbing the bathtub, mopping, or vacuuming can be seen as different forms of squats and lunges, and the payoff is double when it results in both a workout and a clean house.

Offer to Help with Moving

It’s the time of year where everyone is lugging their stuff up countless flights of stairs to get their new dorm room setup. Meet new people at university by offering to lend a hand with the heavy lifting. Of course, make sure you’re employing proper lifting and bending techniques so you don’t hurt yourself while helping out. People will love having an extra hand to bring their new load of IKEA swag to the fourth floor, and you can cross your work out for the day off your to-do list.

Now that you’re lifting heavy boxes on the regular, and getting your workout in by vacuuming, you’ll probably notice you’re not out of breath at the top of the stairs. Bask in the fact that you’re not only saving money on a gym membership each month, but you’re also getting the added benefits of each of these activities.