Lessons From Living Abroad

Moving abroad is a hot topic for many Millennials. We’ve heard many who take the risk say “moving abroad is definitely the best and hardest thing I’ve ever done”.

Almost all Millennials are born with the travel bug.  They have the desire to discover new places and learn about different cultures. It’s not surprising that many Millennials decide to go on an adventure and have new experiences that push them out of their comfort zone.

Below are a few learnings from one of IG’s own who is living abroad:

What it feels like to be an outsider

Your accent is an instant icebreaker. It doesn’t matter if you speak the language of the country or not. It will feel weird at first, but that will give you the opportunity to make lots of new friends!

What people think about your home country

The “where are you from?” question will always come up, followed by a few words in your language and a stereotypical comment about your home country. For example, every time I said I was from Spain, people would say “Hola, ¿cómo estás?” and they will continue with “Messi!” or “You love taking siestas, eh?”

Every country has pros and cons

At first, everything will be wonderful and exciting, but after a while you will realize that the perfect place just doesn’t exist. There are pros and cons to living in any country, it’s just a matter of putting those in a balance and making the best out of them.

Living overseas is not always glamorous

As exciting as moving abroad sounds, there will be some situations that you would not want to post on Instagram. The process of learning the manners and ways of doing things in a new country can be tough, but don’t let this get you down! You’ll learn fast and then be able to look back on those beginning moments and laugh.

The realization that you own too much stuff 

This will probably come when you’re packing your stuff at the beginning of the adventure and your closet just doesn’t fit into 1-2 suitcases. The amazing thing about this last lesson is that you will learn to live with less stuff and you will be more appreciative of the personal belongings you own.

Every person that decides to move abroad will surely have different experiences. But we’re confident in saying that the outcome will always the same: a huge development in your personal growth.