Millennial Travel: Dubai Edition

Dubai, the Vegas of the Middle East. You may have seen photos on Instagram, or be familiar with the UAE from Sex and the City 2, but to most the idea of traveling to Dubai for a vacation is not at the top of their radar. Since one of IG’s own recently returned from Dubai, we’re here to tell you why this amazing city should definitely be added to your bucket list.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation of adventure, sight seeing, shopping or relaxation, Dubai truly has everything to offer – at a large scale.

We should start by making you aware that the flight to Dubai isn’t short. Without connections, the flight is 14 hours straight. Now, if you’re going to endure this long flight anyways, we highly recommend you do it in style and fly with United Emirates (because why not treat yourself)? Flying with Emirates is truly an experience within itself. To start, when you arrive on the plane there’s a little gift bag on your seat which includes a tooth brush, an eye mask and socks. You’ll also find a blanket, pillow and headphones ready for you on the seat to make the flight extra accommodating.

Here’s a few must do’s once you’re there:

Desert Safari: This is our #1 recommendation when going to Dubai. The day will start cruising through sand dunes on an ATV and finish off with dinner, belly dancers and camel rides in the middle of the Dubai desert. Pretty cool right?

Atlantis Waterpark: Going to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto is exciting. Now imagine going on a waterslide through the aquarium. If you like water and rides, you won’t be disappointed.

Zero Gravity Beach Club: The hot spot on Saturdays in Dubai. For about $75 CAD you can enjoy a buffet, open bar and a wild party by the beach.

JBR Walk: What is better than restaurants by the beach and a beautiful boardwalk? This is definitely a spot to enjoy when you want a more relaxing day.

The Dubai Mall: There’s shopping, and then there’s shopping in Dubai. The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world. Although it has many stores familiar to us at home, it’s definitely a must see (plus it’s located right beside the Burj Khalifa & Fountains).

The Burj Khalifa: When you see a picture of Dubai, this skyscraper is without a doubt in the image. It is the largest building in the world, after all. For those who enjoy heights, you can buy tickets and visit the lookout point. Or for those who prefer to keep their feet on the groud, we recommend visiting the Burj at night to see the incredible light show.

Fountains: Have you ever seen the fountains outside of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas? Just imagine those but bigger and better. Note the fountain show is on every half hour but does not start until 5 PM at night, another reason to visit this area in the evening!

Happy traveling!