Summer Road Trip with IG to Ontario’s Top 5 Microbreweries

Craft breweries are popping up all over Canada. At last count there were approximately 188 operating breweries in Ontario alone which means that you can essentially travel across the province and be in no short supply of lagers, ales, stouts, blondes – the list goes on and on! We are listing our top five breweries that are worth the road trip this summer.


  1. Starting in the nation’s capital, Big Rig Brew in Ottawa boasts their regular craft brew for only $2.75. With two locations, be sure to visit the beer outlet at the Iris location to stock up on your favourite Big Rig award winning beers.


  1. After jumping on the 401 and heading west you will hit Whitby where 5 Paddles Brewing Co. is located. This brewery started with a group of home-based beer brewers who decided after a few years in business to open up a shop around the corner. They now boast 180 different recipes and even have space to host your next event. Impressive for a home grown business!


  1. Further around Lake Ontario you will run into Cameron’s Brewing located in picturesque Oakville. Cameron’s is a veteran to the craft beer game with over 20 years in business. This family-run brewery has been recognized over 200 times at brewing awards and their selections are available at many bars, restaurants and The Beer Store and LCBO.


  1. After driving roughly two hours south west you will come to the small city of St. Thomas which features Railway City Brewing. St. Thomas became known as the “Railway City” as more than 26 railways passed through its boundaries. Railway City Brewing is best known for their ‘Dead Elephant Ale’ which is a tribute to Jumbo the Elephant, who was killed in a railroad accident in the late 1800’s in St Thomas. This IPA has tastes of apricot and mango with a sweet grapefruit finish.


  1. Our tour ends in London, where Anderson Craft Ales has a unique beginning. In 2005 Gavin Anderson received a homebrewing kit for Christmas. Since that fateful Christmas morning, Gavin has produced hundreds of beers. It was during his Ph.D. and volunteering at a local microbrewery that Gavin realized his passion was greater than he ever thought possible and allowed him to open Anderson Craft Ales with his father. This brewery also has a place for the environment close to their hearts – they only package their beer in cans. Why cans? Cans are lightweight which means lower transportation emissions, fully recyclable, safer and more portable than bottles. Check out Anderson Craft Ales this summer as they host several events from patio parties to craft nights – there is something for every beer lover.