Travel: Canada Edition

For many, when thinking of places to travel Canada is not top of mind. The planning/research process usually includes looking for destinations where you can find adventure, night life and maybe get a nice tan. Surely you can’t find all of this in the Great White North, right? Wrong.

Below are a few of our top picks from the West to East Coast of Canada.

Gondolas, Hot Springs & Lake Louise

Banff is a must see while visiting the West Coast. We recommend renting a car so you can drive to the various tourist hot spots. Let’s start with the Banff gondola, where you can enjoy a 15-20 minute ride up the heart of the Canadian Rockies. If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a lookout point you can walk to once at the top. Bring your bathing suit because right around the corner from the Banff Gondola you will find the Banff Upper Hot Springs. This 100% natural mineral water ranges in temperature form 37 to 40 degrees Celsius. With beautiful snow top mountains in the background, the view can’t get much better… that is until your next destination. After your relaxing afternoon soak, make sure you leave time to drive up to the famous Lake Louise (it’s only 45 minutes away!) If you need reference, please see the above image.

Adventure by Day, Party by Night

On your trip from the West to East Coast, why not spend a day in Toronto? If this is your first time, you’ll likely want to take a visit to the downtown core. We recommend kicking it up a notch with the CN Tower Edge Walk. Known as “Toronto’s Most Extreme Attraction” the CN Tower Edge Walk is the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 5 ft wide ledge. Your ticket also includes access to the LookOut, Glass Floor and SkyPad levels. In the evening, Toronto is filled with Rooftop bars if you’re looking for a fun night out. We recommend Lavelle if you’re hoping to see the city sky line from ground level.

High Tide or Low Tide

You’ve probably heard of the Bay of Fundy, but did you know there’s a kayaking tour you can take during high tide in Moncton, New Brunswick? The Baymount Outdoor Adventures crew has a 1.5 – 2 hour long kayaking trip through the Hopewell Rocks Park running from early June – early September. During this season the tide can rise up to 44’ so make sure your life jacket is on tight! If you’re looking to grab lunch before this tour, or dinner after we recommend visiting the High Tide Café for a delicious lobster meal. Around 6 PM, you’ll notice the tide diminishing – this is known as low tide, where you can walk right where you were kayaking hours earlier! Definitely a picture worthy spot.

There you have it, adventures from the West to East Coast of Canada. We’re always looking for new places to visit, if you have any recommendations, give us a shout!