NetApp Cloud

A goal becomes a result…


NetApp was evolving their approach to lead generation. They realized buyers want easier and quicker ways to self-educate about solutions. NetApp opted for conversational marketing to overcome the growing form-fatigue seen among B2B technology buyers.


To support the launch of Drift on NetApp Cloud Central, we designed conversational playbooks that used real-time conversation to engage site visitors and quickly move them through the buying journey.

Each playbook was built around three core pillars: engage, understand, and recommend. The objective was to connect customers with the right resource based on their specific needs.

We built four custom playbooks designed for ‘cloud-agnostic’, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer scenarios.

To support the customer journey, we completed a content audit and mapping exercise that paired top performing assets with an extensive set of customer scenarios.


The successful NetApp Cloud Central launch triggered a series of new conversation playbooks across, testing of personalized account-based marketing executions, and AI-optimized journeys.