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Campaign playbooks

The road from idea to marketing greatness is full of potholes. We smooth the bumps with Discover™, our eight-step process that yields a campaign playbook to keep everyone on track. Our playbooks help agencies, internal departments, and even your sales team stay on point and on brand to execute high-performance campaigns.

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  • Successful campaigns need more than a vision

    Even the best campaign ideas can fall apart during execution. Splitting the work among multiple agencies, each adding its own spin, doesn’t help. The resulting assets don’t have a clear connection to the campaign narrative or to each other. They don’t look or feel the same. Worst of all, they lack the power to convert.

  • Find your North Star

    The right creative process can turn that vision into something compelling. You need a playbook: a single source of truth to guide everyone that touches your campaign. From the messaging to the tone and the visuals, playbooks bring consistency and structure to guide every internal department – we’re looking at you, Sales – or agency involved in the campaign.

  • We’ve got the process down

    Using our proprietary method, Discover™, we take you through eight steps, from initial learning through ideation, concept testing, and execution.

  • We work the way you work 

    Our accelerated Discover™ process supports fast-moving teams and agile sprints.

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