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The way businesses make purchase decisions has changed, and traditional lead generation tactics aren’t cutting it. We put our in-depth knowledge of technology and our creativity to work with a modern lead gen strategy that reflects how your customers are buying.

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  • Marketers are tired of the grind

    Trying to reach decision makers with the right content at the right time isn’t enough anymore. Prospects aren’t signing up to download your assets in the numbers you need, and Sales isn’t impressed with the quality of the ones that do. Is it your targeting? Your messaging? Your timing? We believe it’s something else.

  • Only a fraction of customers are ready

    The problem is that 95% of people consuming your content aren’t in the market for what you’re selling – right now. No piece of content is the silver bullet that will make them ready. But you can make it easy for them with a demand gen strategy that includes an element most programs leave behind: brand.

  • Don’t forget the role of brand

    Make it so prospects can’t ignore you by building visibility and situational awareness into your lead gen campaigns. Hit them with content that speaks to their perspective. When the time comes, they’ll think about your company first.

  • Quick campaigns don’t deliver

    Effective demand generation captures prospects’ mindshare early and feeds their need for information over time. It takes a thorough understanding of the people involved in purchase decisions. That means everyone, even those who never raise their hands to tell you who they are. It also needs content that speaks to the individual needs of their roles. 

  • The new lead gen strategy

    It all starts with getting to know the perspectives, needs, and priorities of every role that influences purchase decisions. Then you develop engaging content adapted to each role, and target them based on audience intent. This all leads to a content journey designed to deliver a connected experience with brand and demand gen elements.

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